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     Queen of Heaven is a fascinating biography of Mary Magdalene based on ancient texts from Egypt, Babylon, Sumer, Israel, Canaan and Greek, Hittite, Arabic, and Indian myths.Mary Magdalene is probably one of the most used, abused and mis-used of all the characters in the New Testament. She is reviled as a harlot and praised as a saint, but Mary was far more than such overt simplification could ever describe. More than the Shakti of the Son of the Living God, first and foremost, she was an influential woman of her times, real and passionate. For the first time her story is revealed, her life chronicled. Following Miriam from birth to death, the novel vividly depicts the religious milieu from which Christianity developed, and reveals the many sources of Christian thought and iconography. The first Volume of Queen of Heaven, chronicles Miriam's childhood in Canaan. The Second Volume describes her travels to Egypt and adventures on the Arabian Sea, and the Third, tells of her involvement with Yeshuah the Nazarene, the politics of the Middle East, and her escape from Palestine.

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